EF 4.1 – The Big Question

Visual Studio Magazine recently asked Gil Fink his thoughts about EF 4.1 and Code First in this article: “Five Questions on Code First in Entity Framework”.

Fellow .NET developers will be happy to see that the big question on all of our minds was included in the five asked:

VSM: Entity Framework has come a long way since the Vote of No Confidence from the MVP Community. Has Microsoft fully addressed the concerns of this constituency? Is there any reason .NET dev shops should hesitate to adopt the technology?

GF: There is no reason for .NET developers to hesitate to adopt EF. The framework is more mature now and includes a vast set of features that puts it in the front line of OR/M tools. Even so, an OR/M solution isn’t a silver bullet solution to every problem, and when developers are going to make a decision about whether to use an OR/M or which framework to use, they should invest in a small proof of concept in order to see whether the OR/M solution is suitable to their demands.

Also of interest:

VSM: When would the Code First approach be preferable to the Database First and Model First implementations provided in earlier iterations of EF?

GF: The Code First approach is preferable in small to medium applications that you are starting from scratch. It gives the ability to develop the domain model and then uses its conventions engine in order to generate the database. When you have a legacy database already, or a very big database, you probably will want to use the Database First approach instead.

The full article is here.

More resources:

  • You can watch an hour long presentation on EF 4.1 and Code First here.

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